The Most Affordable Tire Alignments in Pittsburgh

Tire Alignments at Tregembo MotorsAt Tregembo Motors we understand that you may be hesitant to have your tires aligned. It can be expensive when partnered with new tires, or a balance and rotation. TIre alignment and balancing are essential to get the most out of your tires. When your wheels are not correctly aligned, it results in more wear and tear on your tires. Wheel alignment involves adjusting the angle of the wheels to the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. This ensures your tires will wear as designed and you'll get many more miles out of them. A tire alignment is also referred to as front end alignment, we perform wheel alignments with precision equipment to ensure proper tire alignment for your vehicle.



How to know when you need a wheel alignment:

Your vehicle pulls to one side
Your wheels do not point straight ahead, causing steering problems
You notice your  tire tread is wearing unevenly
You recently had an accident or collision





When you bring your vehicle in for alignment, it includes:

Inspecting your tire tread for signs of misalignment
Checking the caster, camber, and toe measurements
Performing necessary wheel alignment adjustments





Wheel alignments make a difference

Did you know wheel alignment is an especially important concern after an accident? A collision can easily knock your vehicle significantly out of alignment. When having repairs, a wheel alignment is likely needed. Poor road surfaces can also jar your car out of alignment, resulting in steering instability and a rough ride. Wheel alignment problems need to be addressed to keep your car in the best working order and driving smoothly. A tire alignment can even improve your gas mileage. The moment you see signs of improper wear on your tires, have your vehicle inspected by our certified technicians for faulty wheel alignment. Our precision wheel alignment service does not take long, and as always, we are happy to give you a lift home if repairs cannot be completed by the end of the day.