The Most Affordable Oil Changes in Bentleyville

Oil Changes at Tregembo MotorsIt's safe to say that your vehicle's engine is the most complex part of your car. It has hundreds of parts working together and when they rub against each other it creates friction. While parts rubbing against each other causes damage, the most damaging part of friction is the massive amount of heat produced. This heat can easily ruin your engine beyond repair. That’s why oil is such an important factor to a properly running engine. Oil has two jobs in an engine, to lubricate the engine and cool parts as it circulates.
If your engine were to run out of oil, the moving parts would create so much heat the engine would seize up. This can happen in a matter of minutes after running out of oil. Once your engine locks up there is no way to undo the damage, instead you’re shopping for a new engine. With this in mind we can all agree that oil is a very big factor in a working engine. Running out of oil isn’t the only problem you may encounter, using the wrong oil or not changing your oil as often as recommended may greatly reduce its effectiveness. Debris including dust, particles and dirt can work their way into your engine and your oil. Most oils contain additives to help clean the engine and prevent rust. Changing your oil regularly ensures you have clean oil designed to keep your engine in top working order.
Completing regular maintenance tasks, like oil changes, are the best ways to keep your engine in top shape. Refer your owner’s manual for the recommended miles between oil changes. It’s now common that late model vehicles surpass the 3,000 miles standby, sometimes as long at 7,000 miles in-between.
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