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Questions About Car Batteries? Bring Them To Tregembo Motors

Testing Car Batteries - Tregembo MotorsYour car is only as dependable as it's battery. While that might seem like a sad thing to say, it is very true, but luckily batteries are a relatively inexpensive fix. Your battery is the main component that ensures your car is operational in all sorts of driving conditions including extreme weather. As batteries age they tend lose the ability to hold a charge, so check your battery regularly if it over a year old.
Your car battery is meant to store electrical energy and the starter converts that energy into mechanical force to turn the engine. The alternator produces and replaces electric current the starter used from the battery during start-up. The alternator also manages replacing electrical loads used while the engine is running.
Certain driving habits and several external factors can cause more wear on the starter than a simple commute back and forth to work. The factors are:

  • Frequently turning your car on and off.
  • Extreme weather conditions (hot and cold)
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle Age
  • Amount of electricity used by entertainment systems (This means that fancy stereo system may be zapping  your battery)

Keep safety in mind, bring your car into Tregembo Motors when you suspect electrical issues. The technicians at our service department can answer any questions you may have about your electrical system, as well as check your battery.